Horses must be evaluated prior to registration. Evaluation is a free service.

Required materials:

  • Signed and completed Evaluation form.

  • Copies of all registration papers in the name of the horse to be evaluated.

  • Copies of any color genetics testing results.

  • Photographs or video clearly showing eye, skin, and coat color. Please DO NOT send your only copy of valuable materials. We retain the video and/or photographs for our records.

To have your horse evaluated, print and fill out our evaluation form and other required materials and mail to one of our evaluators.


You will receive notice as soon as a verdict has been reached on your horse. If your horse is deemed champagne, then you may immediately file for registration. If you disagree with the outcome of the evaluation, you may send additional photos/video to your evaluator, appeal to another evaluator, or ask that your horse be put before a committee of all of the evaluators for discussion.

*At this time, there is no genetic test available for the champagne gene. The CHBOA evaluates horses based on the phenotype (or physical characteristics).

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