Dun Champagne

The champagne gene combined with the dun gene produces few changes. However, a dun champagne will have a distinct dorsal stripe and leg barring.

[basecolor + champagne + dun]

This photo illustrates the clear, distinct dorsal stripe present in a dun champagne.

[Champagne Miss Dun, Quarter Horse mare]

Here is another shot of the dorsal stripe. Many champagnes have counter shading that looks similar to a dorsal stripe, but it is not as distinct as the dorsal stripe of a horse carrying the dun gene.

[Champagne Miss Dun, Quarter Horse mare]

Many champagne and cream dilutes have counter shading, which appears similar to a dorsal stripe. However, it is not the true dorsal stripe of a horse with the dun gene. Notice that the counter shade stripe is much thinner.

[My Buckskin Angel, BUCKSKIN Tennessee Walking Horse mare]

Another giveaway is the shoulder barring commonly found on duns. Look closely at the shoulder of this stallion.

[Thunderbolt N Lightnin, Quarter Horse stallion]


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