Cream Champagne

The champagne gene combined with the cream gene appears to have an additive effect. Red pigment lightens to cream and black pigment to rust.

[(basecolor) + champagne + cream]

This gold cream champagne is a chestnut with the cream, sabino, and champagne genes.

[Wind D's Mystic Valentine, Tennessee Walking Horse stallion]

Without the cream gene, this gold cream champagne would be a gold champagne. Likewise, without the champagne gene, he would be a palomino.

[Vanilla-N-Ice, Missouri Fox Trotter stallion]

Vanilla-N-Ice eye The eyes of a cream champagne often stay lighter colored than that of a single-dilute champagne.

[Vanilla-N-Ice, Missouri Fox Trotter stallion]

Cream champagne on a black basecoat.

[Reactor's Glorious Lady, Tennessee Walking Horse mare]



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